Full ChangeLog

Below are builds of the current PhotoFiltre LX Studio for testing. Note: The builds are not feature complete.  If you want to check out the project plans for future releases of the project you can view the roadmap.

PhotoFiltre LX Studio


ubuntu Ubuntu/Debian Based

PhotoFiltre_LX_STU_1.2.deb (Ubuntu 16.10 – 64 bit)

PhotoFiltre_LX_STU_1.2_i386.deb (Ubuntu 16.10 – 32bit)

windows Windows


 Mac OSX

PhotoFiltreLX-STU_1.0.pkg (Alpha – requires manual install of graphicsmagick and Qt)

PhotoFiltre LX (Open Source)

The source code for 1.0 is now Open Sourced under the GPL v3 on GitHub.

Up to date source releases –

Need installers, code contributions or donations to support this edition.