Blackjack Odds – Why You May Be Able to Get an Edge

Blackjack is an addictive card game and this is where the casino’s blackjack odds come into play. Blackjack is a game of chance and like all games of chance the likelihood of you winning or losing money when playing blackjack is pretty high. The blackjack dealer is gambling with his winnings from the previous hand. It is the blackjack dealer’s luck or bad luck that determines whether he wins or loses. But it is also the blackjack dealer’s skill and ability to determine what cards are coming up next that affects the blackjack odds.

The blackjack odds are the total likelihood of the cards coming up and the total chance of those cards coming up. They are the true odds and they are what makes them what they are. They are what determines whether the house edge, i.e., the amount the house pays out for each hand, is greater than the expected number of hands a casino would have to conduct to make a profit on blackjack.

The blackjack odds per card is written as follows: the probability of the Ace winning the first five bets, the probability of the King winning the first five bets, and so on. For instance, if you bet one sevens (you can use any card but the Ace), then the blackjack odds per card is 3.5 percent. Now multiply that by the number of cards (in the example, sevens) and you get the probability of nine out of ten cards. That sounds really good to me!

It is the combination of these odds which gives the blackjack odds for the long run. In a longer article I will explain why it is better to bet early in the game than to bet later. But first let us look at why it is better to bet early than to bet late. There are several reasons and these are:

Blackjack is a game of chance. Although there are some exceptions, almost every blackjack player knows that blackjack odds are based purely on chance. A dealer who offers a great edge is one who makes his bluffing skills work. And it is really up to you to make your bluffing work if you want an edge. An advantage is only as good as the amount of bluffing you do with it and you should keep that in mind.

Finally, we come to the last form of edge–the strategy you use to play blackjack odds. If you want to have an edge, then you need to be willing to spend some time researching strategies. Some players study the games and figure out the best possible moves for each hand and then they try to use those strategies. Others just try random techniques and hope they’ll work. If you are serious about succeeding at casino blackjack games, then you need to spend some time thinking about strategies.