Blackjack Basic Strategy Engine

What is Basic Strategy? Looking for a means to shave off the casino’s edge down to an absolute minimum? Basic strategy is really a mathematical calculated series of decisions that will help you win more in blackjack. The Blackjack Basic Strategy Engine Above provides an easy way to memorise a whole range of different profitable decisions with a lot of key terms associated with the decision making process laid out clearly and concisely.

blackjack basic strategy

It’s a proven fact that almost always (almost!) the bettors who win in the longer term to get a larger slice of the big jackpots. This is because they’ve learned to make smarter choices over a longer period of time. And with blackjack basic strategy, you can memorise almost always how to make these decisions with certain terms and strategies.

This is basically where the Blackjack Basic Strategy Engine optimises your ability to bet and minimize your losses. Basically the way it works is this: To create a profitable betting pattern, we use the Fibonacci formula. We take the very first two cards from the deck and then we add up the numbers from both the left and right hand, to get the hard total. That’s basically our starting hand. The blackjack basic strategy here is to target the high hard total as opposed to the low total of the initial cards.

Now, normally if you’ve played blackjack before you’ll have noticed that there are certain situations where it makes sense to bet and others where it makes sense to fold. But with this strategy, you never know what to bet on, and therefore you need to be extremely cautious in what you’re willing to spend. Also, due to the fact that you’re playing blackjack with the use of the Fibonacci ratio, you know that doubling is more profitable than betting on the same card two times. So you can see that by combining the doubling with the Fibonacci ratio, you can make a profitable system of betting where you basically triple your initial investment in a short amount of time.

The next part of the Blackjack Basic Strategy Engine is basically the pre-flop position. This is where you use the pre-flop to your advantage by aiming for the straight flush or four of a kind. This is basically where you look to hit a strength at the beginning of the game, namely a strong hand, then after the flop if you’re holding a quality three of a kind or better, then you should have no trouble getting the nuts from the pot because you should hit a four of a kind or better. You can use this pre-flop strategy in a number of ways, such as getting out of a tight third or fourth street position by hitting strength.

Once you have the best possible cards, it’s time to go for the kill. The kill is where you try and take the other player’s money, and if they have a high pair, or worse a premium pair like straights or full house, then you usually need to win by at least four cards if not more. There are many different ways to beat down your opponent’s pre-flop bets, but one way that you can try is by doubling your bets on the flop. What this does is basically puts you on the attack, meaning you can put more money into the pot because you have a stronger hand than your opponent. I advise that you only play this strategy in cash games where there is no blinds and also only play this when you are especially confident that you can make a kill.