Basic Strategy for Blackjack – Learn the Right Way

Blackjack is one of those games that all players know basic strategy for, but many fail to reach a full limit. It s been shown that most online casino players know less about this game than a black player with only read a couple of books about blackjack. Computers tell us that a Basic Strategy black jack player will almost always bust after every six draws. A basic strategy blackjack player is also prone to folding very early in the game. However, there is an easy way to take advantage of your over-all disadvantage and still win the pot.

basic strategy blackjack

The first thing you should know is that the basic strategy that applies to every card game, not just blackjack, also applies when playing Texas Holdem. Always remember to stay focused and don t act in fear. Most players who lose more than half their money in a single game usually do so because they are afraid. They usually over-react and make emotional decisions based on their emotions rather than logic.

If you are in the mid-table, then you should have an idea of what the rest of your table is doing. Are they all raising and re-raising with marginal bets? Are some of them dumping in chips? The last thing you want to be doing is raising pre-flop because you think you can get a pot worth $10k. You can’t afford to make that kind of hand raise, it will be very difficult to get your hand dealt as well as to keep up the pressure. If the pot gets too large, you could find yourself out of the game before you get ready to act.

Another important part of Basic Strategy for Blackjack is when to call the flop. In a game where the pot is small and you think you have a strong hand, call but not before the flop. This is where many beginners go wrong. They tend to wait till the final table or until someone in the middle makes a big bet to call. This is a big mistake, because if you were to act on that call before the flop, your opponent would likely double-all in the hopes of taking you to a straight, which they almost certainly will do with a marginal bet and the pot getting smaller.

Further, if you delay your action too much, your opponent might decide to play on the flop even if he has a better hand. For example, if you are at the river and your opponent’s are all throwing, you should hit with some strong cards early, rather than waiting for the final table. You can still play late, but only if your starting hand is a monster. If it is a mediocre hand like straights or flushes, then staying in will be better, as it will allow you to squeeze out a few pots from your opponents.

In summary, these are some basic strategies for blackjack. While they will not always win you the money, they should help you learn how to play the game. The more you play, the more you will learn. Good luck!