I started this project so that people who are casual graphics editors would feel perfectly comfortable using PhotoFiltre LX on Linux. The Gimp is overkill for most and PhotoFiltre will be one program that Linux users will not miss anymore.

At the moment PhotoFiltre is the only application I miss on my PC, nothing can compare to the speed, simplicity, usability and logicality of PhotoFiltre. I created this website with the intention of monitoring the project to port the original Delphi code but now I am involved with the development of a new PhotoFiltre clone using C++/GTKmm and Imagemagick. However it will be so much more than a clone as it will be updated with modern features. (like tabs for holding images instead of single windows).

I would like to thank Antonio Da Cruz the developer of PhotoFiltre for giving me the opportunity to bring his great software to the Linux platform. Also I would like to thank him for the permission to use PhotoFiltre in the name. I hope to make him proud one day!

Lead Developer/Webmaster

My name is Dylan Coakley, I am a student living in Ireland with great interest in Linux and OpenSource software. I spent years in college learning how to program in C/C++, Java, Visual Basic, PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript. I have since expanded upon my knowledge during my working life. In the future I hope I can make great contributions to the world of OpenSource software.

I genuinely love programming, for me its an endless road full of learning and possibilities. Since my first experience with a computer, I was fasinated by technology and even still I follow all the latest developments daily. Programming as a hobby is an outlet to express my creative nature and is quite relaxing. I also enjoy foreign beers every now and again, gaming, jogging, soccer and reading.

Currently I work as a full-time web developer but I still love application programming and creating games. This is why I continue to work on many applications/games of my own. Hopefully at least one of my projects will be a great success in the future.

Other Projects

I don’t spend all my free time on PhotoFiltre LX but the vast majority of it. Here are some others I work on, featured in chronological order(latest first):


Simple framework I created to make buttons/screen objects with the Love2D framework. Can take colour, border, centered text, background image as options and have actions assigned to the object too. The framework is in its early days but I am currently building it into my WhiteGuardian game for the menu system.


RPG game I first created in GameEditor and now recreated with the Love2D framework.



2D sidescrolling shooter created with GameEditor. Based on one of my favourite games of all time “Urban Terror”.



C++ program to use your Wii-Mote with your Linux based computer. Website: http://www.photofiltre-lx.org/projects/xwii/