0.9 Studio Demo Released! 10

New colour selection palette

Major upgrades have been made to the colour palette.

  • Styling improvements to the colour selectors.
  • Colour swap (primary/secondary)
  • Multi colour selection palette with palette navigation.



New toolPalette style

The toolpalette style has been upgraded to have a more professional look.



Batch dialog upgraded

Now the batch dialog from the 0.8 release shows the title and filename. Also shows a nice image preview too!



Hue variation dialog

A new dialog has been created to control the colours/hue of an image with two options.

  • Colorize – Pick a color to colorize the image.
  • Hue – Adjust the Hue of the image.

This also shows you a real time preview before you apply the changes.


Old photo/sepia filters

The Old photo and Sepia filters have been upgraded to produce more realistic results.



Auto levels/Auto contrast

You can now run Auto level and Auto contrast from the toolbar or menus. Both produce some great results!



More filters

Many more filters have been added during this development cycle. Have fun with them!



Gradient dialog

A new dialog has been created with the propose of easily setting up gradients. At the moment this feature includes the following options:

  • DIrection
  • Type – can be Duotone or Monochromatic
  • Colours
  • Opacity



Open multiple images from file manager

A fundamental change has been made to how the application works for opening multiple images. Before selecting four images and opening them would spawn four new application instances of PhotoFiltre LX Studio. Each with one image per application window. Now all selected images will open in a new tab inside one instance of PhotoFiltre LX Studio.



Compression for JPEG images and other lossy formats

You now have the option to save your JPEG images with compression. I plan to expand this feature to other lossy image formats in the near future.



Windows Installer

Now you can easily try this build out full time on Windows. I no longer have an awkward folder version but a full installer for you to try out.



Language Support

Lastly the system for translating the application is in place. You can choose the application language in the Preferences screen and it will save to the settings. Currently the application strings have not been translated yet. More work will continue on this for the upcoming 1.0 release.



This wonderful new release was brought to you by the PhotoFiltre LX Team. Support this project by Pre-Ordering a copy of PhotoFiltre LX Studio and help this project to have a very bright future! Otherwise just head to the downloads page to try this build out for yourself!




  • Truly awesome work with all this progress!

    • Thanks Daniel. =) I’ve long been putting my heart and soul into this project. It really shows in this release. The project is getting bigger and better than I ever imagined!

      I must also give a thanks to my pal Dmitry who put in great development work for this release too! We make a great team.

      • I can see it is getting very good, and I’d really like to support you both and buy a copy! I haven’t really got how it all works though:

        Is there a difference between Photofiltre LX and Photofiltre LX Studio? Or is Studio just the name for the final, payed version?

        Once sourcecode is released, will it be ok for various Linux distributions to include it in their package archives? I really prefer having all my programs installed and automatically updated from the official archives. 😉

        If I pay for free updates for a year, how much new content would that mean? Releases now are very rapid, so if it will continue like that I’m game. 🙂 Though I would even more prefer a higher
        price that gives me free updates for as long as they come.

        Finally, in the end, will the updates after 1.0 also become open source? Once again, I really want the product to end up in the official archives eventually. But I can pay to make it so. 😉

        • When 1.0 launches both PhotoFiltre LX and PhotoFiltre LX Studo will be the same. However, more features will be added to the Studio version throughout the year (July 2016 – July 2017).

          All the development happened for the Studio project because PhotoFiltre LX got a large investment to get us to 1.0. This means I could pay developers regularly such as Dmitry to work on features while I work on some in my limited free time. However, we do need to make some of that back and also will need regular funding going forward.

          To answer your question. The year of updates will be almost the same but a bit slower. So expect a new release every 3-4 months rather than 1-2 months.

          Its likely in the future the Studio project will become Open Source and get to the official archives. However, the community will need to support developing new features going forward either by developer contributions or financial means so we can have paid developers working on the project.

          Hopefully this clears up your questions. 🙂

  • Don Murray

    The progress in this version is amazing! Thank you so much and I cant wait for the 1.0 version! m/

  • Love Bdsobuj

    Please add color code input box in hue variation section.