About the project

The PhotoFiltre LX project has begun, this is an effort to bring quick, simple but powerful image editing to the masses. PhotoFiltre LX is inspired by the image editor currently only available on Microsoft Windows - PhotoFiltre. However, it will not be a straight clone. It is being built from the ground up to be much improved and cross platform too!

The project started out using Gtkmm and Imagemagick libraries but now development is focused on using Qt5 and a much better graphics library. The GTK version source code is available under the GPL, you can download it here. However, the project will now continue in the form of PhotoFiltre LX Studio.

PhotoFiltre LX Studio is currently in heavy development and will initially cost money. Once the cost of development is covered the source code will be released as Open Source and the Open Source version of PhotoFiltre LX will be free for all to enjoy! We are now accepting Pre-Orders at a very low price, afterwards the prices will increase upon release.

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